Gaby’s Cheesecake

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Spanish Version

When I was in my twenties I turn myself into dog breeding, this gave me the knowledge about dogs, breeds, behaviors and the worst thing a dog can have, the owners!

From that group of breeders and owners I have Gabriela, descendent of a German mother and a Venezuelan father, she has that dark twisted German humor and strong will and the party spirit of a Venezuelan, once on her kitchen she told me this cheesecake recipe that I promise not to ever reveal.

However, keeping my promise, I have made a few adjustments to improve the caloric content and for the shortage of some of the original ingredients, its done with passion fruit, but you may chance the fruit depending of what you like or the season, but be aware that not all the fruits have the same liquid content.

One of the hardest things of writing this recipe was make it without brands so you can do it anywhere in the world, so please try it and let me know!


For the crust
225 g graham crackers crushed
100 g unsalted margarine

For the filling

250 g unsalted ricotta
395 g condensed milk (1 large can)
1 cup passion fruit pulp
15 g flavorless gelatin


Preheat the oven to 350 ºF

In a food processor put the crushed graham crackers and process until obtaining a fine powder

On a pan melt the margarine and remove from heat

Mix the graham cracker powder it’s the melted butter in the pan and then pour and compact over a pie dish, this will be your pie crust so try to have it as even as possible

Bake until slightly brown.

Remove from oven

To make the passion fruit pulp remove the pulp for the fruits and blend it without adding water on a blender.

Pass it throug a strainer so all the seed separate from it and just have the “juice”

Wash the blender jar so it doesn’t have any seeds left and then put back the passion fruit juice, add the ricotta, the condensed milk and blend until obtain a creamy silky mix, add the gelatin and blend for approximately 2 minutes.

Pour the cream over the still hot crust, and let it cool for at leas 1 hour then place it into the refrigerator for at least 2 hours until the cream is completely solid.

Portion it and share the joy!

There is many kinds of flavorless gelatins the vegetables and the animal ones, when you use any flavorless gelatin read on the label if it can be used with fruits, some gelatin made of colapis (fish tail) don’t work well with some fruits like the enzymes of the pineapple.